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2014-11-14 00:16:13 by bluemustard2

Heyyo. So I know my exorcism Halloween picture was more of a doodle, and that's because in a couple weeks I plan to release a much more in-depth picture that has taken me about a month's worth of work now to complete. So expect something pretty cool!


Pixel Art?

2014-09-14 23:24:01 by bluemustard2

Hello! You may have noticed I make only pixel art. Well, I'm hoping to change that soon and spice up my artwork a little bit! Just letting you know...

I'm back! Sorry I was on hiatus for so long, but I had to take a break off of Newgrounds to finish my school work. It paid off, though, and I finished the year with straight-A's! Anyway, I'm ready to draw, write and review more than ever before! Thanks for the support of anybody who's viewed my artwork or has become a fan.

Don't forget to be awesome,



2013-12-24 21:07:13 by bluemustard2

Merry Christmas!!!

Newgrounds is AWESOME!

2013-12-13 20:56:32 by bluemustard2

I've been on Newgrounds for a couple of weeks now, and I can say, with full honesty, that I love this site. There's so much talent, and I enjoy voting, reviewing and simply enjoying this vast entertainment metropolis. Now I'm posting my own stuff... The fun never ends.


2013-12-12 22:55:38 by bluemustard2

I just posted some art! It's my first, so I hope people like it. I normally draw with a pencil and paper, and those are much more detailed, but I'm not too bad with my drawing tablet so wanted to experiment! I know that it's nothing compared to the professional artists here on Newgrounds; when I get a better program, my work will definitely be improved, but until then haters gonna hate.

Here and now.

2013-12-06 22:49:33 by bluemustard2

 So I just started with Newgrounds... yeah... Hope I can learn how to use Flash properly and then start posting animations!