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Nice animation! The sound quality needs work, though, and the ending was pretty abrupt. Other than that, good job!

TheLukezzade responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback, when I have the time ill have to fix it up.

First off, I like the intro screen; it made a great start to the video. Overall, it was suspenseful and tense, so my only criticism would be that the animation is crude, but you already addressed that in your comment. I'm excited to see the special!

KevButler responds:

Thank You Very Much ;)

Fast-paced, action-packed and captivating.

BigroomBlitz responds:

Your review made me feel better of my flash against the score it recieved :)

I have no criticisms for this! The animation is very well-done, and the music is captivating and atmospheric. At first I wondered why it was so short... And then the punchline kicked in. XD Great job!

DanielForrest responds:

Thank you for the feedback. I wasn't too sure on how well this one would go over.

Ha ha ha, very charming and funny. I loved the animation as well. I can't wait to see more of your work!

RollieMcSplat responds:

Glad you liked it! We'll be posting more on here and on youtube as soon as possible

Love the retro Disney-esque style and the main character's creepy double-personality.

Comick responds:

Glad it was creepy :) Thanks man!

Not a bad idea, but to be honest the art in theme song was much better than in the actual episode, and overall the events and voice acting were really awkward. As I said before, the actual theme of the video is interesting, but the other elements need work.

mr-a responds:

I understand where you're coming from. Everything was intentional. You see, this is a continuation of an old series called "Grick's Day Out" (also here on Newgrounds), the last episode of which was released in 2005. Everything was given an intentional retro feel, a call-back to High School days when mr-bond and I began making Flash animations. Hence, the intro is updated, albeit with retro pixel art and a chiptune remix. The dialogue is intentionally awkward, for comedy, and the intro being more interesting than the events of the actual episode is a running gag with the Grick series. The art style in the episode was the way it was for a few reasons: (A) because it's kind of funny to have the exact same vector graphics as a 7 year old flash cartoon, as though nothing at all has changed, (B) to keep with the style of the old ones, for a sense of continuity, and (C) because I wanted to get the cartoon out by the end of the year, so it made things easier. So there, have a cheeseburger.

A hilariously serious mockumentary that brilliantly captures the unfortunate daily demise of Creepers everywhere.

LinkTCOne responds:

SCC is a very serious problem, thanks for your support! Haha

A weird, confusing and low-quality waste of time.

KamikazeTurtle responds:


"Dad, do you think a forest is sad when a tree dies?"
This is so touching.

dylan responds:

hopefully it didn't touch you inappropriately!

Pixel art ftw. I just love all the creativity here on Newgrounds and I love being able to contribute to it!

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